Bingo Billions is an online slot game, created by the widely known Next Gen studios. It is a slightly unusual game, featuring a theme that seems to simply be based around the game of bingo. The central focus of the bingo theme, a madly energetic man with an alarmingly excitable attitude, may have been meant to be likable, but is a touch creepy. This doesn’t stop the game from still being a bombastic, entertaining experience.

The graphics and visual design of the game is for the most part not very original, using mostly bingo balls as symbol designs. The previously mentioned creepy bingo man is well animated, however, and the images are high resolution and crisp. If anything can be said for Bingo Billions, the unoriginality has certainly been created with high quality design.

Game Play Design

Bingo Billions utilises a five reel, 25 line betting system, with the betting lines manually adjustable. This means that a high level of strategy and tactical options are offered to the player, which is certainly a plus. For those who prefer to sit back and set the game to auto play, however, this may not be the best slot game choice.

An interesting extra feature in Bingo Billions is the gamble button, which can be seen to the left of the auto play button. This button will become available when a win has been achieved, and may be clicked or tapped to open a mini-game. The mini-game is simple; guess the colour of the facedown card to double your winnings, or guest the suit to quadruple the winnings. Be careful, however, as guessing wrong will lose the winnings completely.

Symbol Designs And Bonus Features

It has already been said that the symbol designs are not original, but lets have a closer look at them to see where the most value can be found. The stack of money, clearly hundred dollar bills, is the most valuable symbol in the game. Match this symbol five times and watch the cash flow in. The second most valuable is the stack of bingo tickets. Not so alluring as a stack of cash, but still with a good amount of value.

The previously mentioned bingo man is the wild symbol in the game. He may begin to get a little annoying, constantly screaming bingo whenever he lands in a matching sequence, but thankfully the sound may be turned off. The bingo man may also match with himself up to five times, which is the single biggest win in the game.

The scatter symbol, shown as the written words Bingo Billions, is one you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on. If the scatter symbol matches three times, the player will not only get an instant cash prize, but also be granted 20 free spins. During these free spins each matching sequence will grant three times the usual amount. Considering how lucrative that can land up being, you may just stat shouting BINGO along with the creepy bingo man.

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