The theme style of ancient Egypt is certainly familiar with the reels of an online slot game and that’s exactly the situation here with this Egyptian Heroes slot from NetEnt. Despite the age of this theme’s origin this online slot game takes on a rather modern interpretation of this style with a good layer of quality graphics and a unique colour scheme and visual representation. The reels take on a slightly darker undertone and the entire slot experience is certainly a more intensive experience over the many other lighter, more whimsical theme portrayals regarding the style of ancient Egypt. Overall this slot game will likely have something for most players.

Ignoring the theme choice for the moment and focusing instead on the raw gameplay involved in this Egyptian Heroes slot game we will find that there are 5 reels that sit right about centre of this experience. These come attached to a set of pay lines of a maximum of 20 and with this players can also adjust the betting options, alongside a few more details, to shape their experience straight from the setup. There are also a few bonuses lying in wait on the reels of this slot and so players will come across a few surprises whilst they play Egyptian Heroes.

The Popular Egyptian Theme and this Slot

Due to the popularity of this theme choice players may almost disregard an online slot experience with a similar style as roughly the same, however with the amount of versatility actually available to the developers of such themes and games there is actually a lot more variety than can at first be assumed. For example, in this Egyptian Heroes slot players will immediately notice that the slot seems almost futuristic in its style, whilst still perpetuating the original theme’s essence in a healthy blend of old and new. The backdrop takes on a golden hue and displays a holy gateway of the sort. Even the sound effects involved compliment this style of future and past.

Egyptian Heroes NetEnt Slot Online

Onto perhaps the most thematically influential of the slot game aspects, that of the symbols found on the reels. In this Egyptian Heroes slot this entails a range of the popular gods associated with this civilization. These bear marking related to many of the folklore characters of this time, done up in a unique style that is effectively perpetuated in all the aspects of this slot in the modern way the setup has been implemented. Overall these symbols are done remarkably well.

Moving on to Bonus Features from Egypt

Like offers in political betting, whilst every good slot game needs a few bonus features to make the whole thing more exciting, putting too many in can also cause problems with the gameplay. Fortunately developers NetEnt have been at this slot game thing a while now and they have a pretty good ratio in place. In Egyptian Heroes players will find an Expanding Wild feature as well as the always welcome free spins bonus that can earn a few extra wins. This game also has the unique golden win line feature that adds a multiplier of up to 5 times to a specific pay line and then all wins formed along it.

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