With a rise in technology and slot titles featuring more technological features than ever before, along with over detailed and far too realistic themes, sometimes it’s nice to play on a simplistic, cartoonish slot game. Currently, themes can border too much on the dark and dreary side, so when a fun game such as Glutters slot machine comes out, it’s no wonder slot fanatics take a liking to it.

From the onset, players immerse into a virtual candy land where candy sticks, lush green cartoon-like mountains and blue cloud-filled skies adorn the background. On the see-through reels, bordered in bright pink, weird blob-like creatures are encountered. The slot revolves around these cartoonish creatures which inhabit this candy land and the food that they eat.

The reel symbols are the Glutters creatures themselves and they include the blue, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange creatures.

Discover Innovative Bonus Features

Although Glutters slot machine borders on simple, with five reels and 20 pay lines, the bonus features found within the gameplay are anything but simple and boring. First off, the game includes a wild symbol who is the red creature. Secondly, the food cannon bonus feature sits on the right hand side of the screen and is triggered on a random basis. This cannon offers free spins, the amount of spins displayed on the cannon.

There are three boxes present on the cannon. The box on the top represents the number of shots received. One type of reel symbol is represented by one shot. The bottom box shows the levels the reel symbol will increase by. Lastly, the middle box on the colourful cannon shows which reel symbol will be targeted. What this cannon feature does is try to increase the value of a particular symbol to create more winnings. Basically with this feature, the food cannon takes players on a journey of food chucking where they take shots at the creatures with food. Once the bonus game finishes, the new symbols with higher values are evaluated and the increased winnings are paid out.

Playing Glutters Online Slots

Another innovative bonus feature on Glutters slot machine is the free spins. By simply landing three or more of the picnic basket symbols on the second, third and fourth reels at one time, the free spins will be activated. What makes this round so innovative is that players once again have to fire food items at the different creatures to win more free spins. If a player feeds the wrong creature the wrong food, a bomb will go off and the free spins feature will end. Adding to the entertainment factor, the food cannon pops its entertaining head more frequently in the free spins game.

With cute and cuddly graphics, funky sounds and fun features, this charming Glutters slot machine like some pokies at $1 Deposit Casino NZ offers a refreshing break in a virtual world of complicated slots.

Don’t Want to Click Every Time, Use Auto play

This slot machine offers an auto play option where players can choose how many spins they would like to spin on auto play. Up to 100 spins can be spun in auto play, allowing players to sit back and watch the reel spin and the money roll in. If you’ve never played this slot before, try playing it on auto play mode to get a real feel for it.

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