You might have come across people talking about Pokies and you caught yourself wondering what these are exactly. If you didn’t manage to catch on to what they are actually talking about, Pokies are the New Zealand word for a slot machine.

Whilst you might have rushed off to a dictionary to try and establish the meaning of Pokies, you might have come across strange things like nipples or cigarettes or even a slang word for prison. Pokies have nothing to do with any of the above; it is rather a Kiwi way of referring to slot machines.

It is believed that this term originates from the “poker machine” phrase and is not generally accepted in New Zealand as reference to any slot machines. The Pokies market has grown so significantly that more and more people ask “Are Pokies iPhone friendly”? The answer to this is undoubtedly yes, and growing as we speak.

Popular Pokies on the Web

To find Pokies iPhone users enjoy, you can just search on the web. Pokies are no longer just limited to land based machines. Online Pokies are very popular and that is why there are endless applications available to iPhone users across the globe to join the Pokies iPhone revolution.

Make sure that you read up on the available online Pokies websites and focus on their terms and conditions and what they offer. You should make sure that you understand the betting requirements as well as how to transact on the Pokies sites. Read reviews online and familiarise yourself with these Pokies sites before you sign up.

Signing up for your Pokies iPhone friendly experience is as easy as pie. You just secure the New Zealand online casino provider you feel suites your individual needs best, and go to the iPhone App store to download the application for the specific provider of your choice or visit gambling site for app. From here on the most difficult part is over and done with and you can start playing your Pokies IPhone style.

Pokies Goes iPhone Friendly

When you read up on New Zealand Pokies sites you need to specifically focus on iPhone friendly sites with dedicated applications. There are a few things to consider when scouting for a suitable Pokies provider.

  • Can you easily download an application for you chosen Pokies site from your iPhone App store?
  • Is the Pokies site safe and secure? You need to stablish this as you will be storing your personal and financial details on this platform
  • Does the Pokies iPhone compatible site optimise their apps within the mobile browser so that it adjusts to the width of any IPhone?
  • Are the applications in the iStore free of charge or do you have to pay to download the application?

You should also keep in mind that downloading an application to play your favourite Pokies iPhone style is not the only way to get this show on the road. If you cannot find an iPhone application for your favourite Pokies site you can always play online via your mobile web browser. The web browser will always be up to date and save a nit on data charges because you will no longer have to download the application. Both options are available, so choose whatever you feel works best for you.

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