Blackjack Low Limit is an online casino card game produced by Net Entertainment. In this version of the game, players simply play with lower limits than in a standard game of blackjack. This means that it is ideally suited for new players and anyone who doesn’t want to lose or win too much money in one game. The game is set out like any blackjack table. The screen is filled with a blackjack table that allows for five hands to be played at once. The shuffled cards sit on the top right of the screen with the players chips on the bottom right and the deal/ hit buttons sitting in the bottom of the screen.

Starting out

In online Blackjack Low Limit, the game begins with players placing their bet. Players can choose to play and bet on a single hand or any number of hands up to five hands at once. To bet, players click the chip they want to bet and place it on the hand or hands they want to play . Once the bet it made the dealer will deal the player two cards facing up. The dealer will then deal himself two cards with one card facing down. The rules of Low Limit blackjack are the same for a standard game of blackjack at The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 without going over 21 points.

Low Limit Betting

In Blackjack Low Limit, card suits are not relevant. All of the numbered cards are worth their face value in points. The jack, queen and king are all worth 10 points with the ace valued at 11 points or 1 point depending on what is needed. Once players have analysed their cards they can stick, hit, split or double down. If players are happy with their cards they can simply stick and see of the dealer can beat their hand. If players have a low scoring hand they can request an additional card by clicking on the hit button.

Playing with Multiple Hands

In Blackjack Low Limit, if a player is dealt two of the same cards they can choose to split the cards into two hands and request more cards. If players choose to double down, the bet will be doubled and the player is only allowed one more dealt card. Once the player made their decision the computer dealer will flip his card over and determine who has won the hand. If players are playing multiple hands, a small white arrow indicates which hand is in play at the time.

Low Limit Rules and Payouts

In the Blackjack Low limit online game, the betting limits are displayed on a small black board at the top right side of the screen. If players hover over the betting limit board, it will display the payout structure. In this game blackjack pays out 3 to 2, insurance pays out 2 to 1 and a win pays out 1 to 1. The rules of this game stipulate that the dealer must stand on 17 and must draw up to 16.

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