When any person logs onto their favourite online casino in Canada and navigates to the sic bo section, they may be a little bit weary as the board looks so complex. Online sic bo is actually relatively simple to understand and even easier to win with for any Canadian gambler looking to win big. Essentially sic bo is a hybrid between craps and roulette and  will capture the attention of any gambler that enjoys these two games. The game is very simple to play and is done using three dice.

How the game is played

The three dice will be rolled and clearly visible to any online gambler that is playing the game. Gamblers will then make bets on the outcome of the dice. This is not to say that the gambler needs to correctly predict what all three dice will produce as an outcome although should a gambler so wish, that is an option. There are a number of different bets that can be placed on this game and each bet will offer Canadian gamblers different odds.

What are the bets?

Let’s take a look at some of the bets that can be placed and briefly touch on the different odds that are on offer for each of the bets. This will help any gambler that is looking to break into the fun, fast paced world of online sic bo in Canada.

A total

This is the easiest bet that can be placed when playing sic bo online. Gamblers will bet on the total value that all three dice produce when added up. This means that a gambler can place their bet on any number between 4 and 17. 3 and 18 cannot be waged upon as this is another type of bet that we will get to. Each number that is bet on has a different probability and the probability will determine the amount that the payout is worth.

Small and Big

Gamblers playing sic bo online can make a small and big bet which is essentially betting on  whether the total of all three dice will produce a small number that is below or exactly 10, or a big number that is above 10. The payouts on these bets are 1:1 much like a red and black type of bet that is commonly seen in a game of roulette and unlike online blackjack in Canada.

Singles, doubles and triples

These bets allow gamblers to bet on whether a specific number will be produced with the roll of the three dice. A single is when that specific number is shown once, a double is twice and a triple is that all of the numbers will have the same value. The payouts in these vary based on which bet is being made, a triple will payout more to any gambler in Canada as this has a lower probability of happening. However the payout for a triple is massive and would shoot any gambler straight to the top of the sic bo leaderboard as the odds offered here are much much higher.

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