Welcome to Vegas, or at least a facsimile of one on the reels of Big Vegas slot game from Bally Technologies. One of the bigger slot game developers in the industry, this slot game is one of their latest productions meaning that this game is already inherently a top game just through association and proxy. The game is themed toward the casino gaming hub of Las Vegas, and is done so with some decent graphics and quite appropriate symbols on the reels.

Speaking of the reels, this Big Vegas slot has 5 of them. Crossing over these is 40 individual pay lines that ultimately dictate which combinations matter and result in wins. The gameplay in this sense is pretty good, allowing for some additional betting options without overcomplicating the experience with too many knobs and dials so to speak. Like any online video slot of late, the game is going to require a few bonuses to keep up with all the action available today, and in this regard there are the likes of Scatter bonuses that reward free spins and unique Wild symbols including a directional Wild.

Theme and Gameplay in Big Vegas Slot

The theme of Las Vegas is a pretty appropriate for that of a slot game and in this particular take on it the experience has a touch of the classical on its side. As mentioned, the graphics of the game are good which is something almost expected of the latest Bally Technologies games. The backdrop has a casino vibe to it, bright with colour, whilst the sound effects highlight a lot of the events that occur on the reels, framing these in the appropriate light. This brings the topic round on the Big Vegas slot symbols found on the aforementioned 5 reels.

On these reels players will find symbols of what have essentially become icons of the industry and are very noticeable as such from the get go. The recognition with these symbols also makes it easier to remember which ones are the more important ones, making the spinning just that little more immersive. Some of these symbols include the likes of cocktails, chips, money and even the famous poker hand of a Royal Flush. The last symbol segways into the other, lower valued, symbols of the playing cards 10 through to Ace.

The Big Vegas Bonuses on the Reels

The first symbol to consider is the Scatter symbol because this is the only way to trigger the free spins in this online slots Singapore game. These free spins are not able to be retriggered but come with a 3 times multiplier which makes the former point sting a little less.

The Wilds in the game include a standard Wild and a Directional Wild. The latter is only to be found on the reels 2 and 4 during regular play and on reel 3 during the free spins feature. This Wild lands and then starting from its own position turns the symbols on the reels into Wilds along the direction the arrow on the symbol itself points. In the free spins feature these ‘Purple’ Wilds remain until the feature ends which can be quite rewarding.

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