Slots have long been the most popular game for players to enjoy at casinos, and this is just as true in the online world as it has been at land based casinos. Almost all gamblers have some experience with these great games, thanks to how easy they are to learn and the fact that they require little to no skill on the part of the player, relying so utterly on the whims of fickle Lady Luck. Combine this fact with the incredible graphics, superb sound effects, and entertaining animations they provide and you have an all round winner, no matter how you actually fare when the game you are enjoying has come to an end.

A Short History of the Game

An American gentleman by the name of Charles Fey introduced the first slot machine game to the public back in 1887, and it became very popular very quickly. It was an attempt to mechanise the game of poker, with slots being a motorised machine based on that game’s principles. The first game the public enjoyed was called the Liberty Bell, and sported the symbols of hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and the bell it took its name from.

Slots Available at Online Casinos

Thanks to the fact that gambling platforms based on the World Wide Web like Crazy Luck casino do not suffer the same space constraints their land based counterparts do, varieties of slots games stretch into the hundreds at most places. A massive assortment in title and type are available for you to choose from, and you will be blown away by the sheer amount of choice available wherever you sign up for a new account!

Beyond the longer established three reel slots games that provide players with the well known fruit symbols there is a new breed of game that is taking the online casino world by storm. Video slots offer players detailed storylines and themes based on the biggest hits from Hollywood in recent years, and you will be astonished at the level of detail the games are presented with. Outstanding graphics, superb animations and sound effects that transport you right into the middle of all the action are the order of the day, and you will be forgiven for losing track of where you are accessing your games from! Your living room or office space will be transformed into a hub of entertainment and real money action, and the device in your hand will be able to transport you into the luxurious, glamorous world the best casinos make sure their players experience.

Big Bonuses for Slots Players

Perhaps the best thing about playing slots online rather than at a brick and mortar casino is that there are some really fantastic bonuses available for players, both new and returning, which essentially translate into free money with which you can play and win yet more money with! This is never offered at land based casinos, and can make for a real boost for your bankroll whenever you wish to enjoy some downtime with a fantastically themed casino game online.

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