Poker tournaments have gown in popularity and these days you can play in scheduled tournaments online, or in the more casual Sit ‘n Go tournaments that run as soon as there are enough players. Of course, you could also opt for the larger tournaments played in land-based casinos, but you should have plenty of experience before you try your hand there!

The simplest situation for any poker tournament will see you buy-in for a certain stipulated amount. Your money will be put into a prize pool and a portion of it may go to the dealer or the house. You’ll then be given a stack of chips and you’ll play until there is a clear winner, or the final few players come to an agreement as to a pot split. If you’re playing in a large tournament you may play in rounds, and the winners of each round will progress to the next stage, until there is on eventual winner.

In some tournaments you’ll be able to rebuy if you get knocked out early. This gives you the chance to buy your way back in and play from the start. There are also freeroll tournaments in which you can play for free, and stand a chance of winning real money courtesy of the casino or poker site.

When you’re getting started Freerolls are a great option. As you feel more confident in your ability you can opt for low stakes games and work your way up to higher stakes tournaments with large prize pots.

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